“Arteta” accepts the policy to sell before buying Jensen Piw

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Mikel Arteta, head coach of Arsenal, has admitted to the management policy that has come out. The surplus must be sold to cover the summer 2022 budget and to cut weekly wage costs. Therefore, the football business must be carefully conduct.

 Therefore, the football business must be carefully conduct

‘ Cannons ‘ form drop from the final curve until. It fell from the Champions League to Europa League next season at 90% level. Causing the board to not approve the huge budget as originally planned.  

As a working person, well aware of such factors , Arteta was not hysterical. No matter how much the management connects the water pipes, that’s all.  

” First of all, it’s not a pity that the January 2022 market made that decision, ” Arteta said of the Pierre – Emerick – Aubaen free release , and if staying there could help the ufabet team bear some pressure.

“ It doesn’t matter how much or how little it is about the budget for the army . ” 

“ Because if you see the bills we have and have to pay. However, it must be settle from day to night. ”

“ So not only the value. How much money do we have to squander? It is a matter of how many people have to sell out. ”

“ We have 28 first -team players but only 19 can be name. We are talking about the total cost. Because if the numbers don’t correlate with the truth. Is it equal to wasting money by using the power created or not ?”

“ The next market, we try to find new faces to add. If allowed to do this , 6 people would have it all. ”

“ Summer market, if you can. There is a team of no more than 25 people to choose from. Drag and bring 3 of the best strikers in the world to come and play here ! I will coach them myself. I would be very happy to teach that gang. ” 

Arsenal have now agreed their first player, Sao Paulo attacker Marquinhos, for just £ 3 million.