Conte may leave Tottenham Hotspur coop in 18 months

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Tottenham Hotspur head coach Antonio Conte has denied that he will be in charge of the team for longer than his current contract ufabet. Which is tied until the end of the 2022-23 season.

Conte has been rumored to have given up working. With club president Daniel Levy due to a lack of support for an agreed-upon quality squad. Plus the nature of being a consultant that is not stuck. The possibility of a bounce in the next 18 months is greater.  

Recently, the news came out to say that the current contract may be the same as ‘ Kai Golden Spikes ‘ if the situation has not change. 

“ To be honest, I am a person who likes to be present. And don’t think too much about the future , ” opening the mouth before the North London derby game against Arsenal ( 16 Jan. )

“ Right now it’s important that we stay in the present and try to make the situation better in many ways now . throttle the best potential of the players. ” 

“ We have to fight to raise the situation a lot because it is now. Let’s talk about the future later. ” 

“ After that, it might be too late for us. We must concentrate on the present. and practice hard to improve the overall picture And then I’ll look at it again. ” 

“ This time helps focus on the present. We have a lot of work to do to bring Spurs to where it belongs. ” 

Spurs target this season is to hunt for the FA Cup, with only one competition left. And finish with the top 4 on the league table for the quota of the PSL next season.