Gareth Southgate Speaking of Roy Keane

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England national team manager Gareth Southgate Speaking of Roy Keane‘s harsh criticism of Harry Maguire. It’s just a job that gets people’s attention.

         The Roaring Lions defender scored a goal in their 5-0 thrashing of Albania in their World Cup qualifying ufabet game on Friday. He celebrated the goal with his earplugs and Keane criticized it as a shameful performance.

         In Gareth Southgate ‘s view, Keane’s fierce remarks are just one of the football industry’s duties to make things more colorful and headlines.

         “I think we have to understand that the industry we are in is different. In order to earn a living, you have to take a different approach. So you have a choice of which approach to take,” Southgate said.

  “I always thought that as an ex-player, ex-manager. Realize how hard those things are. So I think I care about those things that are crossing the line and that’s difficult.”

         “It depends on what you have to do to keep working. Some channels or forums need headlines, some channels or forums require certain guidelines. So it’s different, I understand.”

         “To make an issue with what is involved You have to keep it interesting from the live broadcast or for the next day’s headlines. Everyone at those shows knows how to work and complement different parts of our industry.”

  “That’s where we are. Personally, as a manager, I understand it. But I’m sure for the players they might feel differently. they are young They may not have had those experiences before.”

         “They probably think that there are players that a lot of people remember how difficult it was to play thinking they didn’t like it when being criticized for crossing the white line was the hardest thing.”

         “They feel that it’s a little different with people of the same age. So personally I understand. That’s its industry.”