Rodgers admitted he was disappointed by the decision made by VAR

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Leicester manager Brendan Rodgers admitted he was disappointed by the decision made by VAR that his team conceded a penalty during the 2-0 defeat to Arsenal.

General Manager Fox said, “We haven’t given them much of an opportunity to play open play. We were obviously disappoint with the first goal coming from a corner.”

“We started pretty well. We are a little impatient But playing with the ball is not difficult. They scored a disappointing goal for us. Their goalkeeper made a great save. But until halftime we were still in the ufabet game.”

“They deserve to win. They took two chances in the game.”

“I am disappointed with that penalty. it’s disappointing I don’t know if he could do better than that. He (Chalar Soyunchu) moved, but it hit his hand. And it was a coincidence.”

When asked if Leicester will focus more on European football from now on? Rodgers replied: “It could be great. We didn’t choose a trophy because we only had one trophy to win. It’s our real focus. But it’s not about letting go of the Premier League. We want to finish in the highest ranks.”

“It would be great. We are not choosy over trophies as we only have the one we can play for,” he continued. “It is a real focus for us but not to take anything away from the Premier League as we want to finish as high as we can.”